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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

staying tuned with circuits!!

what can an electronic automated device do to the society? well, many things. It can be used as an entertaining source and at the same time as a life saver. It would be amazing to have something like that. But as i see several research projects and etc, it makes me believe that the future is definitely gonna get more electronic. Safety and privacy is definitely a concern but would it really matter? what do you think?

anyways... so the new iPhone is being bothering me... it sucks.. thats what i think. except for the fact that it looks cool, thers nothing more to it. I would so totally get it if it ran on microsoft... coz i cant even run it as a proper PDA. well not like i need one.. but still when i had an option to say yes, i said no. lol. was i stupid?!? i dnt think so. i saved some bucks for my dad.

i guess i'm gonna go now and do something else.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

what is reality?

so asusually i was talking to g. it was one of those conversations where philosophical stuff pops in. So, the question was, "What is reality?"
can anyone answer???

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Hi everyone!!! All is good. so, i deleted the recent posts. theres a reason to it. I figured i was being all emo abt my life! ok... so if u commented on one of those, please dont mind.

Recently, i've been doing much to help people. But is it worth it? i have no clue... well... my grand mom says not to expect anything which is not so human like. The thing i'm worried is, some people dont even know the worth of it. its amazing how some of the high school kids are so ignorant! well leaving that.

School is going cool! hah. pretty much stressful but making the most of it :D. [knock on the wood]. As i'm taking an extra online course now, i would say that its very flexible. Though i had trouble with it before, i think i'm back on pace. if anyone is taking the online course, just dont panic. its gonna be alrite as u progress thru.

apart form that, i'm encouraging the most silliest endeavours! haha. Do i need to say, i'm turning into the 5 foot something devil?!? lol. haha.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gosh! i'm so lazy.
i'm behind like 5 chapters in AP US history. i can't blame anything. i feel the effect of taking 5 APs. ugh! i gotta do some work!

P.S - happy dasara! :)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

more school stuff!

geez... school is so not fun anymore... w/e, its the end of year anyways... so i don't care! LOL... me and my randomness... i hope people are still checking this page... [hopefully yes! ]... okay... so exams and all are so stupid! Why do people have exams... high school is supposed to be fun! My advice to anyone who enters virginia is... stay in the borders of virginia... don't eneter virginia not u have to work ur head off! LOL... true!

I wanna watch 300, spiderman 3 and many movies are in my list... but yea... stupid AP exams are on the way disrupting the peace in my high school life. But on another thought... i wantedly i'm taking these courses... so i shouldn't complain about them! what ever...

Its been a long time since i posted a new post in this wonderful public journal... so i think i stopped where i was describing about VA. more to come... i don't exactly know on what... but yea... something is coming up!! heheh! :D!

check back!!...
Cheez :) :)

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

You know u r an indian when.....

Your dad is some sort of engineer or doctor.

Your parents say, "Dont forget your heritage."

You know what's going to happen in every Indian movie before it happens.

Your father and/or your grandfather have hair in their ears.

Your relatives' house smells like incense, mothballs, or bothYour parents say, "Calculus? I took that in 8th grade."

Your parents say, "You want a stereo? When I was your age, I didn't even have shoes."

Your dad pulls his socks up to his knees, you know, the ones with the blue and a pink stripe at the top.

Your entire family owns a tennis racquet.

You buy corn oil by the gallon.

You arrive one or two hours late to a party and think it's normal.

Everyone in your family has pet names that sound nowhere close to their real names.

You are standing next to the two largest suitcases in the airport.

You talk for an hour at the front door when leaving someone's house.

When your parents meet strangers and talk for a few minutes, you discover that you are related to them.

Your parents don't realize that phone connections to foreign countries have improved in the last two decades, and still scream at the top of their lungs when making long distant calls.

There is a sale on an item so you buy 100 of them.

You hide everything from your parents.

Your mother does everything for you if you're a male.

You do all the housework and cooking if you are a female.

Your relatives alone can populate a small city.

Everyone is a family friend.

You're either going or went to a university as far away from home as possible.

You eat onions with everything.

You use chilli sauce instead of tomato ketchup.

You say you hate Indian films but you secretly watch them your parents.

You teach Westerners swearwords in your language.

You order Indian food in your own language to impress the people you're with but the waiter doesn't understand you.

You avoid public places when with the opposite sex, especially if there is an acquaintance within a 250 mile radius.

You or someone you know say "on the light" instead of "turn the light on."

You secure your baggage with rope.

You're walking out of customs with your trolley at the airport and you see all 25 members of your family who came to pick you up.

You go back to your parents' country and people treat you like a member of....the royal family.

Either you really like Indians of the opposite sex or you can't stand them.

Your mother measures wealth in gold and diamonds.

A horoscope must decide your wedding date.

You are sick and tired of answering questions about "the dot."

Your friends could not explain your religion to someone if they tried.

You couldn't explain your religion to someone if you tried.

Your parents push the concept of an arranged marriage on you and try and demostrate how well it works when they're not fighting.

You notice that whenever you go to another Indian's house, your parents always talk about work and business.

The second you pull out of someone's driveway, your parents start talkin...about them.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Okie... I'm tagged!

Satish - My co-blogger, tagged me with the so called "7-series"

1. Seven things I wish to do before I die:
  1. Accomplish my dream, to get a doctorate in Physics.
  2. Get a good job, support my family in every way.
  3. Establish a library.
  4. Earn enough of bank-balance to face myself and my family's hosipital expenses.
  5. Clear off all the debts I have.
  6. After all the expenses, 10% of the possible income could go to the community service sector. I would definitely consider a scholorship organization! I guess, i really know the importance of Scholarship.
  7. Make people happy around me and have accomplished, satisfied and healthy death!

2.Seven things I can do:

  1. I can take care and organize my personal things.
  2. Can talk or chat on phone or computer for looooooooooooong hours with my friends!
  3. I can help anyone who needs it. specially, I love helping people in Math and science.
  4. I can study for as many hours I can to get an A in Math and science.
  5. Work hard
  6. Bug my friends and still make them like me! lol!
  7. watch movies and chill and have fun and enjoy to the fullest!

3.Seven things I cannot do:

  1. live without my family, friends, technology, nature, 5 natural elements, food and a belief in god.
  2. Study without a time break.
  3. Live at my home without going to India for once in a while.
  4. resist eating chocolates. Yes, I'm super chocoholic.
  5. follow my planner in the way it's set up!
  6. live without depending on GOOGLE and my Library!
  7. live without my Job.

4. Seven things that attract me to the opposite :

  1. Intelligence
  2. Honesty, Genorosity
  3. Understanding, helping and a friendly nature!!
  4. tactfulness
  5. Humour
  6. the bugging natue. but not too much!
  7. should be a bit handsome too!

5.Seven things I say most:

  1. Lol! - Thats the most used 3 letter word!
  2. Oh my god!!!
  3. Mommmmmmmmmm!!! ---- (everyday... as soon as i wake up... and if i et hurt or if i get scared... )
  4. Oh! lord... Have mercy on me!
  5. Oh! noooooo!
  6. yayyyyy!
  7. ummm

6.Seven persons to be tagged:

  1. Todd
  2. Emily
  3. Subhash
  4. Abhay
  5. Nidhi
  6. Vishv
  7. Meena

uhhh.... I finally finished it! But this helped me to know a lot about me! I never even thought about that question! haha! Anyways... people who are tagged, I expect atleast 5 of them to blog the 7- series!

Okie... Will bug ya'll later!

See you... Likhitha!!!!!!

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Violin!! :)

"Since the Baroque era the violin has been one of the most important of all instruments in classical music, for several reasons. The tone of the violin stands out above other instruments, making it appropriate for playing a melody line. In the hands of a good player, the violin is extremely agile, and can execute rapid and difficult sequences of notes." ---- Says Wikipedia!

Blessed are those people who can play Violin! They are soooooooooooooo lucky! God! Can I ever become a violinist???!!!??? I always have some or the other problem which stops me from playing my FAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVORITE instrument! I have my final chance now! But my dad don't really like me taking the classes right now...! coz its my 11th grade and I just don't want it to be too late when I realize that I lost my passion!! I know... I might sound stupid... I know that I have take my SATs this year and the upcoming year... I'm totally blocked with my AP courses... But if I miss this chance to learn the violin.... I can never look back! I can manage the whole thing... But convincing my dad is the hardest part in here!! LOL..! Hope he will say yes! ummm.... Well... My fingers are however crossed!!!

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Back to school..... :( !!!

Had a great Vacation .... Its sunday.... i have holidays on monday and tuesday.... Have to go back to school from Wednesday! It will be the same old routine life.... Wake up.... breakfast... school.... home.... homework till midnight.... wakeup early in the morning! OMGGG.... Snow will be an addition! I hate winter...! and the snow that come along with it!

I missed school for 1 week! thats enough to loose my grades...! OMG... I have to catch up on Trigonometry! I have no idea what my text book is talking about! my math teacher... Mr.McLean is going to be sooooo mad at me...! I promised him that i will be reading the Trig chapters and flow thorough sines and cosines during my vacation! hmm... But i never had time left for math! All I did in Canada is to walk with a camera in the downtown till the evening and sleep after I return back(i guess thats what vacation means... lol)!!!! Well anyway.... I'm gonna try my best this weekend to catch up with Trig, spanish vocabulario, English novel, History(scariestttttt!!) ....hmm... This is still the first quarter.... I can balance my semester grade in second quarter too... (i think so... O.o)

I have to read a novel by tuesday.... It's an interesting one.... "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue monk Kidd. It deals with Racism, Opression, feminism, motherly love, nature etc...!
It's a great novel!!!!!

keeping those scary assignments away from my mind, I now decide to log off and get some sleep to overcome the tiredness caused by the 10 hour long car journey!

Okay.... so bye bye!! ^_^!

Likhitha..... :)

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ottawa!!! (Day 1 ~ not much fun)

The capital city of canada - Ottawa!!!
wowieeeee.... we went on wheels and drove 580miles!!! and we were in Ottawa!
Day - 1 ~ ~ ~ Ah! so i saw the board which said "Welcome to Ontario" .... with a bright grin, I asked my dad whether we reached ottawa.... from his answer, I learned that we were just few miles away! **GIGGLES**.... Do u think I was excited????? Yesssss, Indeed I was! It was my first visit to Canada. hmm... I felt asleep as it was 9PM. After 30 minutes, my sister who is a synonym for CHATTER BOX, with her vociferous uproar, yelled in my ears and finally succeeded in spoiling my sleep! I asked her what she want, she lowered her voice and asked me to look out of the window! woooooooow...... that was soooooooooo good!!!! I saw a great bridge!! Water and the lights.... its called the 1000 lights brigde! then I saved some excitement to see the rest of the city! It looked different, the downtown was just like India! the stores were very close to each other. I didn't see many similarities between Washington and Ottawa. Okay... so just glance around these pics...! those were few nice buildings that i noticed!

So.... Those are few pics taken from the car!
and i will surely be back with rest of the days! I assure u that the next post will not be as bad as this one.... OMGGGGG...... my momz yelling..... i gotto go sit by the dining table!!!
See you!!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Awesome Autum!!

So i see those yellow and orange leaves again... Its really a cool view from my balcony! I can see cutie cutie little children skateboarding.... at the same time I can also see that they are making it more beautiful! How would autum be from a mountain top ??? like Appalachains???? hmm... Ponnder and you will say... Its going to be great!!! I thought so.... Well... Thats why we all headed to Appalacahins during the last weekend! It was really nice... I have beeen there before but this time... I took many many photos... Why don't u all glance around!

This Picture is taken from a 2000ft This picture is taken from a 1500ft
altitude! ^_^!!! altitude ^_^!!!

These valleys are called The Shenandoah Valley! It's beautiful... I don't think i'm a very good photographer... The photos don't look as pretty as the real ones...

these were few more clicks of that place... :)!!

Anyways... I had a good time with my cousins in there...

Okay... i gotto go do my work now... seeu all later!!!! Adiosssss!!!

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Back with a BANGGGGG!!!!!!!!

Oh! I just realized it... I'm so sorry...!!!! :) I think its too much of suspense about what's happening with me... Well I'm not dumber than dirt to understand that I'm being overwhelmed with the school! Yeah...That's why I'm switching to a different lifestyle!!!! Which??? Did u ponder about that??? Well... I would love to make it a bit mystery! But will surely reveal it... IF and ONLY If it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So where did I stop typing about the anecdotes happening in my life?????? Oh! Yeah.. Just gave a glance down the previous blogs! I stopped with the Summer Chaos!! Okay... It's almost autumn now... I see the leaves turning to it's special colors of fall.... So I have a month to write about... Trust me.. I will never bore u all with all that stuff....!!!

Okay.... Let me just not talk about that 1 month!

Will tell u all about today!

Beep wake beep wake!!!! That's my alarm sound at 3:4:00AM... I turned the alarm to 3:43AM.... Then to 3:45AM....then to 3:50AM finally I was up by 3:55AM.....
I logged on to my laptop.... Checked my mail....! It was about 5 mins... Then opened my math text book.... It was about Trigonometry.... Oh! My..... It's the first ever time I'm introduced to Trigonometry....! It sounded soooooooooooo different! Then I was finding the graphs of those trig functions... I did math for a pretty long time....And I though who cares about it... And went back to bed by 6:30... And them my mom was yelling at me by 7:00.... WAKE UPPPPPPP!!!!!!!

For what on earth should it rain today????? OMGGGGG!!!! It was rainign so badly... And my freaking school bus...... I think it drives at 1 mile per hour!!! It takes suuuuuuuuuuuch a long time to cover from the beginning of the street to the end!

me and my friends M and A were cursing it and then finally got into the bus.... Sadly I had an umbrella in my hand!The bus was really soaking wet....! Everyone had their umbrellas... It was really bad being seated in a wet bus!

Well...Then I heartlfully accepted the austere day at school with lamenting work....! Anyway... It was nothing but routine school.... Had math... Spanish...English...Science....!!! Math was all confusing... But I picked it up by the end of the class... TRIG is scary! Spanish...! Well It wasn't that bad.... Had great fun in Chem.... Pretty okay English class!

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!! That indicates the next day is Saturday!!!!!!! wowieeeeee!!! Weekend!!!! This is a long weekend! Yes it is... Columbus day!!! Wow... I remember that poem.... "In 1942 Columbus sailed the Ocean blue... la la la la ... ta ra ra ra ra Santa Maria"

Let me sail through this long weekend! And will surely type something after that! :)

Adios for now!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm thinking to post something....

Yes... Just hold on... I will be back with something...

And thanks!!! All the people who are checking my blog frequently...

I know.... My humble stats told me about u....

Can u believe that I have 7 readers who check my blog everyday???? I was sooooo surprizzzzzzed!!!!!

:) :) :) .... Cheers....

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Summer Chaos - - The End!!!

Days and Nights are simply skyrocketing.If not why will my brain go woooosh watching them pass so fast! Yes, I have to admit that I wasted half of my summer....And I regret it! But it's not my fault!

1st month of Summer : I was overly joyous for the fact that there won't be any more school year left and I was extremely happy for the 3 month summer break! With that happiness filled upto my neck slowly closed my eyes too! Yeah, And that made me waste first half month of my summer break! And then, I faced the terrible cooking experiences as my mom is in India to complete some work and bless my cousin's marriage! Hey, I can name them as "Cooking Terrors" Yeah...Really, For the second part of my 1st month summer was wasted for the Cooking alerts from my kitchen!

2nd month of summer : So slowly I was out of the kitchen terrors and started to feel the comforts of time I was careful enough to use salt, sugar and soda for the right purpose.... And this month I don't remember messing up the recipes with salt and sugar confusion as I did before!My dad's tea waas perfect and the curries were excellent!! Yeah...I got my title from someone.... "Liks - The doctor of the Kitchen" heheheh!!!
Now comes the second part! I was totally pissed off with the packing work that should be done for the planned shifting from Maryland to Virginia...Therefore the task was done with my outstanding work in packing things!

3rd month of summer : So,As you can expect...I was completely tired with packing and unpacking things in my new home! Now that I mentioned the Tiredness, I will admit that I was sick for few days! That's how it went for the first part of the 3rd month!

When it comes to the 2nd part that is the present time!! .... I joined my new school... Yuppie... It's not as good as Maryland's! Okay...Why to blame the school, I can say I miss my old school....!
After the appointment with my counselor, I got my new home work! Yemeeee !! I'm taking
AP World history!!! And few other academic classes like Pre-Calculus, Chemistry... The fun classes will be etymology,PE,Spanish!!!

Now that my schedule is perfectly fixed! I got my summer homework in the end of the summer where I have one week of time left! I have to finish readin a novel of 300 pages, Have to outline 200 Pages in my fat AP world history text book! And my homework is being so rude to me that it's refusing to get completed! Yes...Is this some sought of revenge???

So therefore my holidays are over......I'm already into my homework...And it sucks! The feeling is soooo bad that I can't play anymore...And I regret for wasting time! Oh! There comes the fear of my new school which is banging my nerves!!!
Whatever it is...My brain is actually being wise and good to me....It's predicting the positive outcomes! And I have my 100% trust in God!!!
Sorry that I can't hold my wit in this post! I'm completely swallowed by the fear of homework completion! Yes, I see homework everywhere...I feel like it's growing day by day and organizing is not helping me! Yup!
I see it everywhere....I dream of it too....Homework here....Homework there...Homework everywhere! OMG!!!! I can't feel anything else... Coz what I can think about is my Homework...And my thought process betrays me thinking beyond my homework!

I have Orkut for some sought of refreshment! Yes.... I take some break through it! Which usually cool my brain cells....

hmm...Now I hear my homework calling me...So I better get going...

Tune in soon...For some better stuff!!!

Cheers....Likhitha ^_^!!!!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August Avocation !!!

Yes, I was eager to explore a new place. Which??? My Newest residing locality! Flitting is what I see with time!!! Yup! I'm drifting away along with it!!! But I wonder why don't it obey the 3rd law of Newton... It's not giving me any opposite reaction.... (eh?Youu got my point?!)WhatI'mm saying is, I don't want to face the "tinkle - ding - shatter - clink" after my school starts....Too much time going vain!

Ahem! So if you wonder where I was the whole week! We scheduled to make a move to a better place for certain specific reasons...! I was completely drowned with the packing work which made my body parts go sore!And later I have been soaked sinked and soped with the soreness! I was trying to be buoyant. But, what to do the force of soreness is very strong!

So Here I'm very active and strengthened ( enough to kick someone :P) !!!

I declared my respectful Salutations to my native land -INDIA On Aug 15 and reminisced the middle school memories of marchpast and me singing the National Anthem!!

I think that's it for now...
Will buzz ur attention after a couple of days with interesting Virginia experiences !!

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Corrupted world!!!

I was wondering if anyone is yet scared to live in this corrupted world! Wherever we site...There is some sought of terror attached to the place.... Why is this so...

It's even spreaded to Orkut!!! Why don't this threat never end??? Well if you all are amused why don't u check out in here

How much safe is it do u think to post ur pictures in sites such as google,Orkut,Yahoo,Flickr,blogspot,wordpress,livejournal????

Atleast after reading such stores....No one steps forward to post pictures...

I'm going to delete all of my pictures right away!!!

what's ur opinion on this???

Waiting for your replies....!!

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